The shipping time and cost depend on your location and delivery method. We produce our products in Germany, where shipping usually takes 2-3 business days and is free of charge. For even faster shipping, choose the Express option for €5.90, which allows us to reduce the delivery time to 1-2 business days. You can find the estimated shipping time and the shipping cost for your location in the list below. 
We ship your order with DHL, which means that a DHL packing station can also be specified as the shipping location. As soon as you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email that allows you to track your order from the start of production to delivery to your door.

CountryShipping timeShipping Cost
Germany2-3 working daysincl.
Austria3-5 working days5,90€
Belgium3-5 working days5,90€
Czech Republic3-5 working days5,90€
Denmark3-5 working days5,90€
France3-5 working days5,90€
Luxembourg3-5 working days5,90€
Netherlands3-5 working days5,90€
Poland3-5 working days5,90€
Spain3-5 working days5,90€
Estonia3-5 working days7,90€
Finland3-5 working days7,90€
Hungary3-5 working days7,90€
Italy3-5 working days7,90€
Latvia3-5 working days7,90€
Lithuania3-5 working days7,90€
Slovakia3-5 working days7,90€
Slovenia3-5 working days7,90€
Sweden3-5 working days7,90€
Belarus3-5 working days9,90€
Bosnia and Herzegovina3-5 working days9,90€
Iceland3-5 working days9,90€
Liechtenstein3-5 working days9,90€
Macedonia3-5 working days9,90€
Montenegro3-5 working days9,90€
Norway3-5 working days9,90€
Serbia3-5 working days9,90€
Switzerland3-5 working days9,90€
Ukraine3-5 working days9,90€